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Hi, I'mJanet

Janet Coenen

I am the woman, wife, mom, and clean beauty enthusiast and owner behind  The Hair Canvas.  We are located right on the river in Wrightstown, Wisconsin.


My seventeen years behind the chair has lead me to meet some of the most amazing people.  And that my friend, is why I do what I do.  The people, the connections, the community. Being blessed with the ability to make a positive impact on another  person, while also creating a beautiful life for my family, is a dream come true.  

When I'm not behind the chair I am usually chasing one of my three children. People thought we were crazy to have three within three years... the verdict is still out!

My love for the environment is why I use products and color that are free of toxins, plant based, and essential oil driven. Color is my passion!! Using the safest products and maintaining the health of your hair is one of my top priorities.

If you're looking to have a great conversation and relax while also having amazing hair, book now!

Davines, Neuma
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