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New Guest Booking Options

Seeing a new stylist isn't always easy, I get that, so I took away all of the usual stress and confusion through our unique new guest booking experience.  

New Guest Booking Option #1

The Classic Pixie

Do you have that inspiration picture you’ve been eyeing for the past three weeks? You’ve tried it in the past, with little success... it’s been too bulky, round, flat, and needed more edginess, fringe, and shape?!

Girl, I hear you and I am here for this. This is what I’m passionate about!! Getting that short, sassy non-masculine haircut.  It’s not just getting the right shape. It’s getting the right length for your flips and wave pattern. It’s getting the right volume, hairline, and grow-out.

A good pixie will look good at your next appointment, not driving you crazy. Let’s get you that cut you want and perfect it for you!!

New Guest Booking Option #2

The  Simple  & Sweet

Just need your roots touched up & trim and a blowout?  Let's keep it simple.  We will start your visit with a thorough consultation gain our formulation, finish with a blow-dry style.  

New Guest Booking Option #3

The Works

"I want it all" she says!! Has it been a hot minute since you've last been in? Ready for a total new look? Have no fear this option will give us the time you deserve!! Whether you want a effortless lived-in bayalage or partial high-light, or just an all over color is needed but you know you have Rapunzel hair? This is the spot for you!

Still not sure what to book? Email me!

 Do you want to make a MAJOR color change or have a service that isn't listed here? We've got you covered! Simply email us at janet@thehair-canvas.com (Janet only)

clipsbyal@gmail.com (Alex only) and well begin a digital consultation.


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